30 Jan 2021

Webinar topic- ‘Investor Awareness Program’


Event Title: Webinar topic- ‘Investor Awareness Program’
Event category   Online Webinar
About Event It’s an online webinar proposed for the students to make them understand the importance of investments and the different opportunities to do the same.
AIM of the Events ·         To prepare students for better decision making about investments in future.

·         To make students aware about the role of investments

·         To guide the students about different investment options

·         To improve financial literacy in youth.

·         To educate students about different financial goals and how to achieve thems Program

Content of the Event Financial Literacy Improvement
Highlights of Events Session to be taken by the experienced resource person followed up by the interaction with students.
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Amogh Gothoskar
E-Mail ID amogh.gothoskar@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Resource Person (Trainer) of Investor Awareness Programs from NSE and BSE
Organization Deep Archan Charitable Trust
Department Name Department of Management
Course Name (Participants): Students of Department of Management
Date Time & Venue of Events: Date: January 30th, 2021

Time: 11 am to 12 pm

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members     Dr.Divya Ghai
Contact Person     Dr.Divya Ghai 9897522897


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