27 Feb 2019

Professor Shubhashish Goswami Reflects on the Importance of College, Computer Science, and Compassion

Ask Prof. Subhashish Gowswami what is inspiring about Computer Science, and he does not hesitate. “The joy of development,” he says. Prof. Subhashish’s passion for his work echoes when he takes over the podium to illustrate computer graphics and visuals on the screen.

Now amongst the head professors of Computer Science department at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun, Prof. Gowswami is thriving to advance the existing processes and conventional methodologies.  Mentoring graduate and undergraduate Engineering students has been a focus for him since his first year at DBGI in 2007. Professor sighs with pride that over half of his former students have gone on to pursue Masters in Computer Science. “And they’ve all secured positions in the top-ranking Multinationals,” he says with a smile.

His efforts haven’t gone unheeded – he has earned exclusive position in the Computer Science department, and continues to be an active academic counselor for undergraduate students. Typically, more than often, he encounters with applications of students who are keen on pursuing Engineering, but are unable to do so due to unfavorable situations. And although he hadn’t planned on doing so before, he admits to be contributing his share in the education of a few unprivileged students.

DBGI is a pioneer in Computer and Mechanical Engineering department, and in holding some of the best faculty members from the industry whose emphasis primarily lays on providing industry based education and value added courses such as SAP and BSX to name a few. Being at DBGI has enabled him to teach at various levels through a systematic 80 hour schedule for each batch – 40 hours dedicatedly assigned for technical learning, and the later for skill based education.

Besides, he also values his role as an academician in the community and takes pride in lecturing at an Institute that houses students from across 3 countries and 21 states in all. “I enjoy teaching to the students who come from such culturally diverse backgrounds. I find myself lucky to be in a space where I can share information and guide students about how the industry works. I’m very gratified to have found my niche in Computers,” Prof. Gowswami adds.