23 Jan 2020

Scope of B.A. in Tourism and Management

Scope of B.A. in Tourism & Management and Why it’s an Ideal Industry in the Present Day & Age

Some people are born to be great managers, while some are prone to be influential communicators. Their team management skills and a penchant for understanding the world of attracting, entertaining, and accommodating tourists, and the practice of operating tours, shine through their personalities and make them the right fit for this fast-moving, ever-growing dynamic industry. If you can resonate with the points mentioned above, then pursuing a bachelor’s degree in tourism and management will most likely prove to be the best decision you have ever made.

 Why study tourism and management?

In the last few years, tourism has evolved as an important sector that has had a substantial impact on the development of the country’s economy. For many cities and countries, tourism holds a great position in terms of generating income. Naturally, the industry has been making progress when it comes to job creation and pay scale. Here’s where the significance of studying tourism and management lies as well. An industry where there’s a high demand for specialists, accompanied by its attractive perks, there’s barely anything to lose.

 What do you learn through a tourism and management program?

 The 3-year full-time B.A Tourism and Management course in DBGI Dehradun, top tourism college in Dehradun, will not only help you understand the A to Z of the tourism industry but, the skills needed to excel, and most importantly, applications of business management. A course in tourism prepares you for a large number of high-level jobs, whether it is tour manager, tourism officer, tourist information center manager, online tour consultant, or an entrepreneur. The degree course also provides a good foundation for furthering a career as a lecturer in colleges by pursuing a master’s in tourism and management.

 Benefits of doing tourism and management course

 Realizing the growth of the tourism industry, its potential, and the need for experts with relevant professional qualifications, Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), one among the preeminent tourism colleges in Dehradun offers a full-time degree course B.A. in Tourism and Management. The benefits of taking up a course in this field are:

  • Scope for making an impact not locally, but internationally!
  • Unwavering growth and expansion of the industry, in the coming decade
  • Highly competitive industry, and so, better opportunities to discover your strengths
  • Strengthens problem-solving, communication, people-management, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Higher and varied employment opportunities

Ready to kick-start your career in tourism and management?

 Whether you’ll end up preparing strategies for tourism and leisure or promoting local tourism through marketing and PR, a B.A. in Tourism and Management from DBGI, one amidst the top tourism colleges in Dehradun, will prove to be rewarding and allow you to advance a career in one of the most fun, creative, and challenging sectors among many others.