25 Mar 2020

Studying Architecture from Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture – DBGI Dehradun


Rigorous but fun: Here’s everything you need to know about studying Architecture from Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun

A close look at how the Dehradun-based Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), is changing its approach to teaching Architecture


Formal education in architecture – like any creative bid with the authority to influence people – uplifts the human experience: through innovation and technical know-how, through appreciation and artistic expression, through design that boosts community and connection. And then – in the best capacity – humans upraise the experience of architecture. A DCRUST University and Dehradun DBGI alumni, Ar. Udita Devrani, also the head of department (HOD) of Architecture at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun, has witnessed these dynamics of architecture, changing trends, and inclusion of technology in education and formal practice.

As an expert of sustainable architecture and researcher of vernacular architecture, Devrani, along with the fellow professors of her department, are collaboratively changing the face of architecture and the way it is taught by exposing students to the most extreme practical cases of design, latest technology, and different areas of research that can be implemented to bring out the unseen best.

DBGI’s department of architecture, also known as Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture & Design (DBSAD), which offers Bachelor of Design (B.Des) and Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), is on a mission to impart insights from the world of contemporary and futuristic construction techniques through the means of site visits; mainly, bamboo and precast construction sites, seminars and workshops on construction industrial products, value-added courses pertaining to modeling and rendering software, and study tours to the historical wonders of the country.

The exceptional location of DBGI, being in the heart of the city, also provides great scope for the institute to host meets and guest lectures within the campus by eminent figures. To date, some of the industry leaders who have held sessions and addressed DBGI graduates have included Ar. S. Y. Kulkarni, Ar. Anshuman Tiwari, Ar. Akshay Agarwal, Ms. Lalita Tyagi, Mr. Manoj Kumar, and Mr. Kamaldeep Singh among many others. Above all, the students are encouraged to up their game by taking up certified courses and internships with the associated architectural firms.

While commenting on what attracts students from across the country to pursue architecture at DBGI and how they can benefit, Ar. Udita Devrani, commented, “DBGI offers the essentials that the students need to rethink, develop, advance, and preserve when pursuing a new course or leaping into a new job role. All in all, the faculty, guest lecturers, and experts from the industry who visit the campus ensure that every student is given the opportunity to excel in his or her own capacity while being conversant about other areas as well.”

With a blend of traditional architecture education and a modern approach backed by new-age technologies, DBGI is paving way to a more accessible, adaptable, acceptable route to pursuing an art-based course.