12 Sep 2019

Student Feature : Udit of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Narrates his Journey Behind the Camera

The story of Udit could somewhat be similar to one of the renowned and central characters in a blockbuster movie, although his journey being a lot less dramatic. Similar to one of those characters that we are talking about, Udit, a student of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun, holds an immense passion for photography.

In early 20s, when most of us are struggling to decide on a career, Udit knew that he felt content with a camera in his hand. Udit’s tryst with photography started when he realized that he enjoyed capturing everything – environment, emotions, and energies of people. Udit, who has a degree in BCA, Computer Applications says, “I chose photography as a career path because that has always excited me the most. Back in 2017, when I started, I had no professional camera so I experimented on the one that was given to me by our managing director, Mr. Aman Bansal.”

The roadway to becoming a photographer

Raised in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, Udit had always been attracted to art right from his childhood. But he saw his interest in photography really picking up when he was studying and juggling inter-college events, and got the opportunity to participate in a photography competition. With the help of his friend and a camera borrowed from Mr. Bansal, Udit trained himself on the basics of photography and continued practising until the day he was selected to cover the Asia’s largest tech fest hosted at IIT-Bombay.

Today, besides being a member of Unik experiences and AIESEC, Udit has also successfully delved into the field of writing, editing, and digital marketing, and has some of the most notable names and brands in his list of clients. Attracted to the chaos and beauty of portrait photography, he’d realized right from the start that his genre of photography had to be around people.

As a self-taught photographer who did not have a background in the photography business or the art, his first challenge was to work on his skill. “I started shooting a lot of social events that I could. I also got the opportunity to work and learn from the best in the industry,” says Udit, highlighting that taking time to practice and learning with experiences, helped him refine his skills.

He further adds, “Don’t always fall in love with your own pictures. This attitude is a big hindrance to grow as a photographer. Rather, get your work in front of the best people as possible and see what feedback they have to offer. Also, the competition out there is fierce, so as a beginner, we all must be prepared to be un-recognized and un-rewarded for a long time.”

People may have the knack for a lot of things, but the result depends on how deeply they are committed to their craft. It is this one quality that makes Udit stand apart from everybody else. He further goes on to say, “Commitment is not a matter of a skill, but outlook.”