27 Mar 2019

5 Things You Must Do When You Are In Dehradun – Offbeat & Adventure

5 Things You Must Do When You Are In Dehradun – Offbeat & Adventure

Miles away from the chaos of metro cities, this capital city of Uttarakhand is blessed with the most surreal surroundings and breathtaking landscapes. Besides offering much in terms of places to explore and cafes to eat at, Dehradun can also be considered as a perfect weekend getaway spot from the National Capital. So if you are looking forward to exploring Dehradun, this is your go-to list:

  1. Head over to Forest Research Institute

Calling out students learning environment studies and wildlife, this dream-like Forest Research Institute is one of the supreme-most education centers in India. Take a stroll around the magnificent structure of FRI that exhibits Greco-Roman and colonial architecture patterns.

  1. Visit Mindrolling Monastery

Built by Khochhen Rinpoche in the year 1965, this place is one among the many monasteries of Buddhism. A grand stupa, as huge as 60 mt, is a pure treat to watch. Besides, it’s architecture and encrypted walls displaying Lord Buddha’s life story will have your eyes rolling – just like its name!

  1. Explore the Robber’s Cave

If you are an adventure junkie who won’t mind a little bit of thrill in life, then Robber’s Cave should be on your list while exploring Dehradun. Sited eight hours away from the city, the cave is blessed to have a river flowing through it, and a waterfall gushing down. To sum up, this place makes for an ideal family picnic getaway.

  1. Malsi Deer Park – a Paradise for Nature lovers

This beautifully developed nature spot is a miniature version of a zoological park set amidst the enchanting Siwalik range. If you are a photographer, a nature-lover, a wildlife enthusiast, or a random explorer, then this attraction is ideal for you to escape the dreary city-life and embrace nature.

  1. Indulge in the Local Authentic Food – Chetan Puri-wala

Set aside your contemporary English breakfast and indulge in some freshly fried and crispy puri’s served with steamy hot potato or chickpea curry. There isn’t a better way than this to start your day in Dehradun. This small eatery in the Hanuman Chowk neighborhood has been serving delicious breakfast items for over two generations now.

Ready to pack your bags and explore this quaint little city? Get.Set.Go!