15 Jun 2020

As colleges shut amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, students’ dreams go on hold

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus around the world, schools, colleges, offices, parks, gyms, malls, and nearly everything has been forced to shut to curb the spread and fatality that the pandemic is causing. Students of all levels across the country are dealing with the misery of an uncertain future and pondering on the pros and cons of virtual teaching. At the same time, universities and colleges are facing a hard time themselves by planning for and conducting virtual classes, tests, and admission procedures in the present unanticipated situation.

Similar is the case of the students as well as the professors of the Dehradun-based Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI). As days and months are passing by being locked up in the houses, students, at large, are missing the routine things of their college life at DBGI – whether it is the campus, classes, presentations, friends, classmates, professors, or just the sense of being free in a place that they consider a “second home.”

Though at present, the impact of distance learning seems divided, most of the students have come to terms with the fact that the pandemic and the situation of lockdown is a passing phenomenon, one that will gradually end.

But in particular, there are certain things that a few of the aspirants of different divisions have missed. Aarti Kumar of second-year B.Tech. program says, “The state-of-the-art infrastructure, positive vibes on the campus, and class-apart facilities that DBGI offers have made me realize the value of securing a position in a reputed institute. Though we’re being taught online regularly, without any compromise on the quality of teaching, the feeling of being physically present at the campus around my classmates and professors is like no other. This institute has been a home away from home to not just me but a lot of other students who relocate to Dehradun to pursue education and fulfil their dreams.”

Aarti is just one of the many students whose schedule seems muddled and dreams are drastically and unexpectedly on hold, owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. But despite this all, DBGI, through its remote learning sessions, extra-curricular activities, webinars, and online presentations are making efforts towards easing the situation that’s already dire. For Ajay Rawat – a second-year B.Tech. student, DBGI is a place and platform that he believes has given him a stable career. He adds, “DBGI, will always hold a special place in my heart. The thought of not being able to attend lectures, sit in the library, or seek lessons from our professors is truly unpleasant. But our faculty members have been kind and helpful to be offering virtual classes with the same intensity as they would, in person. It gives me great pride to call myself a student of an institute that nurtures talent and develops leaders of tomorrow.”