14 Jun 2020

Things you must consider before joining the top engineering college in Dehradun

Engineering plays a vital role in the development of the country; engineers are everywhere around us. Every year, more than 1.5 million students graduate as engineers in India, making it an engineering hub of the world. With the prevailing market scenario, engineers are always in demand, and day by day, a considerable number of students are willing to become successful engineers primarily due to the money and respect involved in the profession. Therefore, over the years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of colleges offering engineering courses. However, to become a thriving engineer, one must develop the skillset and gain proper knowledge before pursuing it as a profession, and this demands the right engineering college. There are many top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand offering engineering programs. Before going to any engineering colleges, look out for the following things in mind: they will help you choose the best and the right college for yourself.

Recognition of the College

The first and the most significant thing before picking a college is to check its validity whether AICTE recognizes the courses offered or not. Because of the rise in engineering courses and colleges, most of them provide fake degrees, so students must visit the UGC site and check their approval.

The infrastructure of the College

Before selecting a Top Engineering College in Dehradun, do visit the campus check whether the college is equipped with advanced labs and has basic amenities like a library, advanced classrooms, playgrounds, hostel, etc. Other than that, comprehend the faculty who will be teaching you check their qualifications and teaching experience because your professors play a significant role both in your education as well as in your further career building.

Placements provided by the College

Day by day, the race is getting harder. The quantity and quantity of engineering competitors are expanding along these lines. The opportunities to work are decreasing; this is something which the larger part of the students is stressed over. A good way of guaranteeing one’s employability in this race and among the vicious competition is by progressing as many skills as feasible during the timeframe of the course. This can be achieved by utilizing the expertise at internships more seriously. Learning as much as one can at internships is an excellent way of improving skills that can’t be taught in classrooms. Thus, make sure the college does provide you the internship and further lucrative job opportunities as well.

Experiential Learning Pedagogy

What is the utilization of theoretical knowledge when you can’t have sufficient experience and expertise to turn them into your everyday lives? Practical learning improves students’ interest and provides an insight into the experimental method, thus amplifying expertise in using it. Solely, Bookish information won’t take any student over the control. To get an edge over other engineering students, one should use the course information and attempt to execute it in practice. Therefore make sure that the institute is providing a well-sourced and advanced course curriculum.

Availability of Advanced Labs and Equipment

Engineering is lucrative, solely with the support of good labs and hardware. Unless the labs are advanced and the equipment is up-to-date, students will not be capable of practice operating on the most advanced machines or technology. Experience in labs while pursuing engineering courses is imperative to determine how to put principles, theories, and ideas into practice or practical application.

Other than these basic things, make sure that the college you are selecting has robust industry exposure programs, good internship programs linked with leading research and development organizations, fee structure, scholarship program, and provides a good platform for an entrepreneurship ambiance.


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