23 Jan 2019

Navigate the Professional World Outside your Comfort Zone” – Deepika Rawat Shares Her Internship Experience

Deepika Rawat, MBA graduate from Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, completed her summer internship program in the private loans department at Myra & Co., Ghaziabad. MBA is DBGI’s personalized, distinctive two-year full-time course. With the help of DBGI’s faculty and dedicated staff, students attain a competitive advantage in successfully achieving their career goals.

Deepika recalls, “As an intern, I worked in the loans department and learnt a lot about banking services, something I did not think I would like. I’ve made an attempt to explore and not be afraid of getting into something outside of my comfort zone. The motive behind interning with Myra & Co. was to practically see and prepare myself for a real corporate world.”

Even though Internships are compulsory as a part of college education and essential qualification for a potential job in the near future, yet many students are unsure about facing the professional environment as an intern. Here’s when the Institution needs to step in.

“The time from being a very talkative individual, to being motivated for making use of the right words for the right purpose, the duration of bringing about a change and fitting into the right mold took only a couple of weeks,” says Deepika. The difficulty of using the right amount of words was soon directed towards productive activities held within the campus on every Saturday that included debates, elocution competitions, and written English activities. “I faced a little difficulty in the start due to nervousness and my accent. With time, I’ve overcame my fears and DBGI has helped me improving my fluency, self-confidence, and overall communication skills. I owe a lot of this to the head-of-department, Mr. Sanjay,” commented Deepika.

Major part of summer internship program is about experiential learning. She shares, “My internship has allowed me to explore a career path before committing to it completely; learning beyond the boundaries of a classroom, networking, and practicing career skills; identifying personal interests, and in the end making confident choices.”